Quality Policy

HSE Policy

Health, Safety and Environmental management are among the core values of management for ARCO Ltd. ARCO Ltd will always work to avoid incidents, accidents and pollution in accordance with our management philosophy. Our HSE Management System focuses from contract to delivery and constantly strives against a zero goal with regards to all HSE aspects. Our customers shall be confident that a partnership with ARCO Ltd will be in compliance with existing HSE rules and regulations.
ARCO Ltd is certified and meets the requirements within ISO: 9001, ISO: 14001 and ISO: 18001.
ARCO Ltd will obtain our ambitious HMS goals through:
  • A dedicated management who focus in HMS in all we do
  • Creating arenas where HMS policy and objectives are communicated and understood by all employees, subcontractors and customers.
  • Providing appropriate education and training to ensure that all employees and subcontractors are involved in achieving our HSE performance goals and further develop our safety culture.
  • Making assessments of major hazards and their effects throughout the whole production process and establish countermeasures to reduce the risks.
  • Providing the financial and technical resources to manage HSE risks and ensure the risks are as low as reasonably practicable.
  • Be in compliance with national and international HSE rules and regulations.
  • Undertake regular reviews and evaluations of our operations to continually improve our HSE management system.

HSE Management System

  • Policy
  • Rules & Procedures
  • Risk Assessment
  • Goals
  • Education and training
  • Awareness and competence documentation
  • Emergency preparedness and response plan
  • General management audits
  • Incident audits with root course analyses, preventive and corrective measures
  • Accident audits with immediate preventive actions
  • Management reviews

ARCO’s Contribution to Environment

ARCO Ltd recognizes environmental measures as a core value for corporate success, and is making the following efforts to create corporate values and preserve the environment.

Management Principles
  • Respond to environmental challenges by following best practices and local and regional rules and regulations
  • Make every effort to reduce the discharge of pollutants, and develop production methods that are sustainable.
  • Improve the working environment for employees by creating clean and safe business sites
  • Evaluate and communicate our compliance with international rules and regulations, and announce the results of such compliance efforts internally and externally.

Fair and Transparent

ARCO Ltd’s goal is to work close and open with our customers and sub suppliers and seek to avoid situations where our integrity can be questioned. Only through fair and transparent business execution we can develop our customers, our sub suppliers, our company and our employees.
Our business relations and contract structures must be based on a high corporate ethical standard and a transparent organization culture. ARCO ltd must be recognized as a trusted company in all market.

  • We value customer satisfaction on top and encourage to openness among employees, business partners and shareholders.
  • We compete freely and fairly in all areas and countries of our business activities where the culture and customs will be respected and laws will be complied
  • We value responsibility, creativity and challenging minds as long as ARCO Ltd’s reputation through good behavior based on ethical thinking is taken care of.
  • We are honest and dedicated, and create sound corporate based on respectful relationships.